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How to join. One extremely easy step:
To join, simply email me by hitting contact me, in your email you should include your name, age ( its dosent matter how old u are) and a little about yourself. It would be nice to know where u live 2. i dont mean ur address, just york ny or somin.

  What happens when you join: Ok, heres th dillyo, once you join, i will email you telling you the latest news, updates, and if your specific in your joining email, what ever you want me to tell you. I do each email personally, so what ever you want and dont want in your email, its just the way u wnat.

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  Ok, absolutely NO ONE has entered my club... Ok, so it is only like, a week old, but still people come on, id love some one to join, if u dont want to, tell your friends at least!

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  Song Quote of the week: (song name: Breakfast at tiffanys) O.oooo and i said, what about breakfast at tiffanys and she said i think i! remember the film and as i recall i think, we both kinda liked it and i siad well thats one thing we've got!

dont ask why ive got a song of the week quote, i just do, that one is from breakfast at tiffanys, in which the girlfreind tell her boyfreind theyve got nothing in common, and she wants to break up. He realy likes this girl. the guy then says....(the above) meaning that the movie they saw together, they both liked, so thats something theyve got in common. Breakfast at tiffanys was the name of the movie.

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