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Knowledge is power
Heres all the topics of thsi week, email me if you have a suggestion.

  Topic: Fur
Yes, we all know its cruel, but theres alot of people who support it. When you get in the shower, check your shampoo, see if its animal tested, check all of your stuff, if it is, try as hard as you can to not buy that brand. Animal testing is cruel. If your family likes fur, snake/alligator ect skin, please discourage them from buying it. Not only is it expensive, its just cruel, not to mention gross. If i was walking around wearing human skin, youd call me a pervert. So...whats the difference? Humans have killed off many species, hunting them down for fur, Take a Stand. Look around, a good place to check is your local library, there, sometimes you can find fundraisers, that go to organizations to buy animals from slaughter farms to give to good homes

Topic: whaling
Yeah, we know people who kill whales suck, but alas theres not much kids can do about it (kinda off te subject but i hate the word: kids it sounds so...3 yr oldish) any ways, if u use bar soap, check and make sure its not made from whale products, and if ya no, ur aunt has a taste for whale or somin, please discourage her. In Japan and Norway, whales are being killed everyday, the japanese consider it a great food, uh...sure. whales reproduce very slowly, so with the population dropping it will take much longer for them to greatly prosper again. But what really ticks me off is norway, hey dont get mad, i have nothing againt norway as the people it just the fact that even thoguh they have other natual resources (japan has alot less of them) they picked whaling of all things.

Im a small time vegatarian, i did it good for a while, then broke, one reason was because my mother kinda made me eat meat and all, but for you lucky people who are, if you email me some great vega snacks, i ca post them. I think being a vegatarian is great, i personlly refuse to eat ham and steak, just the smell of ham makes me sick. But for those of you who do like it, and dotn want to give up there meat eating habits, go on i guess.

I just think this picture is cool
Ill be getting some new ones soon

Diet Iced to by Crytal light is great
espacially thsi strawberry one or somethign god its sooooooooooooooooo good

Any one can help in a small way, donate old towles to your local animal shelter! its easy