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im getting a new email soon, but u can still eamil me here

Your name could be here, im looking for an assistant

this is were my web address is supposed 2 uh...ur at it

Anything you want to ask me, just ask, any thing you want to tell me, just say it, im open to suggestions, critisism, questions, ect. If you have a problem with a kind of animal, i can help, email me! If you wnat to know about a kind of animal, email me, if you think of any thing to tell me, for gods sake email me! get the point? :) also below it how to sign my guest book, please do!

Where are
you from:
How big of an enviromentalist are you?
Are you signing this guest book just to diss me sight?
If you are doing this to diss me sight, go right on ahead, i read everything.