Young Adults Take a Stand, Protect the Enviroment (YatasPte)
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Welcome To My Home Page, YatasPte stand for Young Adults Take A Stand, Protect The Enviroment. Spread the word!
This whole site is deticated to helping the enviroment. Its also one for young adults like myself. Im not asking for donations, this is for your pleasure. Its also a club, no cost to join, its pretty small right now, so...tell your friends! You can find out how to join by clicking the linky thing. This site is currently under construction, so its not that great yet, but be patient, it will get better.
Under Constuction
Also added this week:

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and updated join section

below, is the # of people who visited my site:

Although this site is still be constructed, you can still join.

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Custom is where all my animal information is. Like about fur, whaling and such. Custom to is how to join and what happens when you do.
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